Things you didn’t know about restaurants

Restaurants have been around forever

The historical concept of selling food for money dates back to ancient civilizations including China and ancient Rome where the street vendors would sell wine and bread to people in the city. Later in the Middle Ages, the roadside inn was the earliest form today’s modern sit down restaurant. Of course, back then the choices on the menu were strictly limited to the chef’s choice and patrons had no other choice but to dine in family style.

The French revolution invented fine dining

It was during the French revolution that the French aristocracy crumpled and chefs, who were once considered in noble households, were in loss of a job. During such a period, many of these displaced workers decided to open up their own establishments offering prix fixe meals to the public. Eventually, it was observed that the style of French dining had spread to Great Britain and across the Atlantic to the United States of America.

The world’s largest restaurant is in Syria

The restaurant, Bawabet Dimashq which literally means Damascus Gate restaurant has a total of 6,014 seats and is situated in Syria.

The oldest restaurant in the United States is in Boston

Since the year 1826, the Union Oyster House has been serving oyster delicacies and more.

The word “restaurant” is a French term

The word restaurant was once used to describe the rich bouillons offered at public houses and taverns across France and meant to relieve ailments and restore spirits.

The world’s oldest restaurant is in Spain

The Botin restaurant situated in Madrid, Spain is the world’s oldest operating restaurant according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The business has been operating since 1725.

McDonald’s once featured a grilled pineapple sandwich

In the 1960s, McDonald’s released a sandwich featuring a pair of sesame seed bun, grilled pineapple ring layered with American cheese. Fortunately, it did not do very well and did not last long.

Starbucks is a chain and not a franchise


It is a fact that all franchises are chain restaurants, although not all chains are franchises. Starbucks is one of the largest chains in the world. But as compared with McDonald’s, the largest chain in the world, Starbucks is owned and controlled by the same company and not a group of franchises.

The world’s most expensive burger costs $5000

In Las Vegas, the Fleur de Lys at Mandalay Bay offers a burger for an astounding price tag of $5000.

The average American spends $2505 eating out

According to the information provided by the USDA, Americans spend over $2500 simply eating outside.